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Cook Teams

GBC membership will be required for cook teams to be eligible to win Georgia BBQ Championship cash prizes and trophies.​

When you become a member of the GBC, you are actively supporting an outreach in Georgia communities thru competition BBQ.  This means much more than the opportunity for additional prize money, it also means:​

  • Enabling the GBC to donate to important charities operating in our state
  • Encouraging organizers to host contests and become GBC qualifying events
  • Exclusive to GBC Member only events and resources
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources of GBC members and non members alike.​

Team memberships that qualify for the seasons point race must be purchased from January 1st - July 1st.

Membership Options:

  • Pro-Division Team (KCBS Master Series)
  • Backyard Team

You may add up to 4 team members for discounted rate per member.

Click below to purchase your annual membership

Friends of the GBC

The Georgia BBQ Championship is a non-profit organization that serves Georgia charities and communities thru the sport of competition BBQ.  We help organizers in Georgia and provide a framework for competition on the state level.  By joining together, the GBC enables organizers, cooks and judges to elevate the prestige and our ability to serve our communities with highest level of competition BBQ in our state. 

If you are a friend of the GBC but are not currently on a cook team, or a judge, then click below to show your support for the GBC and our efforts!

KCBS Certified Judges

The Georgia BBQ Championship recognizes that maintaining an ample pool of high quality judges is a crucial component to producing a successful BBQ competition. The GBC is much more than a points race for cooks teams, we are committed to growing opportunities for everyone involved in our sport. We began with a judge advocate position on our Board of Directors, and we listened! You told us about the issues that are important to CBJs: better communication from organizers, more opportunities to participate, help finding a team to cook with for Master certification.

When you join the Georgia BBQ Championship, you become part of the effort to grow and improve our community outreach thru competitive BBQ in our state. Together, what we can accomplish is only limited by the imagination and energy of our members, so become part of our family today and help us take the GBC to the next level!

If you are a CBJ and would like to show your support  please click below!


Contest Organizers

Each participating event pays a fee to the GBC and receives the following benefits in return:​

  • Inclusion in the Georgia BBQ Championship Tour as a qualifying contest
  • Promotion on the GBC website, Facebook & social media properties
  • Access to special organizers round tables and education sessions
  • The opportunity to cook with a leading team at another GBC qualifying event
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources with other GBC contest organizers​

Please click the link below to submit your contest information and application.