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Cook Teams

GBC membership will be required for cook teams to be eligible to win Georgia BBQ Championship cash prizes and trophies.​

When you become a member of the GBC, you are actively supporting an outreach in Georgia communities thru competition BBQ.  This means much more than the opportunity for additional prize money, it also means:​

  • Enabling the GBC to donate to important charities operating in our state
  • Encouraging organizers to host contests and become GBC qualifying events
  • Exclusive to GBC Member only events and resources
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources of GBC members and non members alike.​

Membership Options:

  • Pro-Division Team (KCBS Master Series)
  • Backyard Team

You may add up to 4 team members for discounted rate per member.

2023 New Team Registration and Rules will be available early February

Existing Members Watch Your Email For Renewal Information First Week of February